If there is a time when you need to charge an existing member's credit card in Stripe, all that you need to do is follow these steps.

Note: The member has to already have made a purchase from your StudioBookings store in the past. 

  1. Log into your Stripe account and click on 'Customer' in the left pane (see below) then search for the customer by their email address.  Click on the member's email address to be taken to the member's payment history. 

2. Once you are on the customer payment history page as shown below, you can scroll down and select 'Create Payment' button. (see below)

3. Clicking on the 'Create Payment' button will bring up the box to create a payment to charge the member.   Enter the amount you wish to charge the member's card on file. Remember to click the 'Charge Customer' button to complete the transaction. 

Charges that are made this way on a customer's card are not reflected in StudioBookings since it is done outside of the platform. 

Hope you found this helpful. 

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