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Add a studio holiday or studio close dates

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You can add block out dates that your studio will be closed by using the Holiday feature located in Dashboard -> Studio and Staff Management -> Holiday feature. Using this feature will block out classes on those specified dates on your calendar. This means that if you add a date or a date range as a studio close date or holiday, no classes will be displayed on that date or dates on your calendar.  

Select a closed date or a date range as shown below 

If you already have classes scheduled on the calendar and you later add a date as a studio closed date, the system will automatically remove the classes on the calendar for that date.  If there are members already book in a class on that date the system will automatically refund them the credits that was used to book the class.  Similar to the action of canceling a class. 

If you are adding a series of classes and one of these classes falls on a date that is set as a holiday or studio closed date, then the system will not add a class for that date to the calendar.  

**Workshops are not affected by the studios closed date/Holdiday feature. 

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