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A Member sharing class credits with another member
A Member sharing class credits with another member

How to set up relationships between two clients to share class credits. Parent pays for child, sharing credits, member paying for member

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StudioBookings gives you the ability to have two or more people share class credits using the 'Add Sharing' feature.  The class credit sharing feature is most commonly used among friends and families.
**This feature is available on all price plans. **

How to set up an account to share credits with another account. 

  1. Go to the member's account that will be sharing their class credits and select 'Edit Profile'.  We call this account doing the sharing, the 'Parent account'. 

2. Next, scroll down to the 'Add Sharing' section and enter the member's name that this members credits will be shared with.  

3. Once you select 'Add', you will see the member's name that is receiving the sharing of the credits appear as shown below.  This means that this member (shown in purple below) is now using the credit of someone else to book classes. 

Parent Account will display the 'Parent' tag as shown below 

Child account (account benefiting from sharing) will have the 'Child' account tag as shown below 

Stopping the sharing of credits, breaking the connection. 

To stop the sharing of the credits from one account to the next, you only need to select the 'X' by the member's name, as shown below.  This will disconnect the sharing.  

Some other things to note about this feature

  1. If the parent account (the account doing the sharing) has unlimited class credits, the receiving account (the child account) will also get that benefit as well.

  2. A parent account can share credits will multiple child accounts

  3. If the parent account has regular number of class credits then when the child account books classes the system will automatically reduce the balance similar to the parent account booking classes. 

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