You can select to have the system automatically send emails to your members on their birthday.  

The setting is located under Settings -> Business Settings, section.

To allow the system to send automated Birthday emails you will need to set the Birthday setting to 'Yes'.  See below. 

Modifying the email that gets sent to out to your members 

You can customize the email that gets sent for birthdays. The email template is located in the 'Manage Email Template' section

Some quick details to note -

  1. Members will need to have their birthday entered on their profile to get their Birthday emails.  

  2. If a member's birthday is incorrect (wrong day entered) the system will send the email on the date that is listed as the member's birthday on the profile. 

  3. Birthday emails are sent approximately 7am to 8am your business local time. 

We hope you enjoy using this feature.  

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