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Temporarily moving your Classes Online, allowing Students to Attend Remotely.
Temporarily moving your Classes Online, allowing Students to Attend Remotely.

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As we monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and seeing more how it's spreading with no clear end in sight. We seeing a lot of closings of schools, business allowing, even making it mandatory that employees work remotely, all in the aim to limit the exposure to the virus and contain the spread as much as possible.
Studiobookings knows that this affects all business, including our member studios. We have been hearing from studios that are moving to do classes remotely by video. 

StudioBookings has always supported online class format 

Studiobookings is very happy to already have a built-in feature to allow studios to email all members that are in a class from the Roll Call page.  

Why is this useful?  Studios that are moving temporarily to video classes can easily use a video conferencing platform like Zoom for group video conferencing or Skype for one on one sessions. We also see some studios using Google Hangouts.

We do not recommend Facetime since only those with an Apple device will have access.  Apple's Facetime software is great if used for a one on one session with a member that has an Apple device and if you also have an Apple device.

Using Video conferencing software allows studios to 

  • Continue to hold regular classes with members remotely especially in the event of local quarantines or business shut-downs.

  • Provide a remote option for people who don't want to come to studios, while studios are still open. Some studios have been providing video classes already even long before the virus came about.  

  • Allows studios to continue to provide value to their memberships so that members continue to keep their memberships and take classes.  

How does this work with Zoom?

  1. Sign up with a video conferencing software such as Zoom (seems to be the most popular for group videos, so it's great for group classes)

  2. Zoom will provide a link URL that you give to members to click to attend the video class. 

  3. Before the class starts, from the Roll Call page, email out the URL to the attendees in the class. This way they will be able to click the link and be connected to your hosting video.

  4. Please see the Zoom FAQ here that answers a lot of questions on how to schedule a video meeting (video class).  

What if you are not using Zoom?
If you are using another more familiar software such as Skype, you can send the details to the class of how you will be connecting to members or how they can connect.  Remember to let members know ahead that they will need to have a Skype account to connect. Again, these details can be sent to the class participants from the class Roll Call page.  Please see the Skype FAQ page here  and here on group videos

Extending ALL passes that members currently have so they expire later. 

Maybe you would like to extend all members passes in the meantime to get you past this uncertain times. Please see the below steps for doing this.

Our employees are studio owners and instructors too
As studio owners ourselves we know first-hand the anxiety our member studios are feeling, and we hope this helps with some creative ways to continue to operate your studios while expanding the ways in which you’re able to serve your memberships.

As always, if you need help, you can email us at [email protected]

Please be safe.  We are always here to help.  

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