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Checking in a member to a class. Class check-ins
Checking in a member to a class. Class check-ins

Manual Check-Ins, Check in member to class, Roll call check-ins. Marking a member as attended in a class, class checkins

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With StudioBookings, manually checking in a person into a class is not necessary as the system does this for you by default.  

How does this work

The system will automatically consider a person attended in a class if they are still booked in the class when it starts, meaning they have not canceled or have been removed from the class before it started.  So, if a class starts at 8am, then at 8am, the system will lock the class and mark everyone still booked in the class as attended.  As the studio owner (administrator) You can still add or remove a member at anytime. This removes the step on doing manual checkins.
Some studios will also print the Roll Call page and have members sign beside their names when they walk in as well.  You can print the Roll Call page by selecting the 'Print' or 'Excel' icon on the class Roll Call screen.

What if I prefer to do by own checkins (Marking someone as attended)?

StudioBookings does offer studios the option to do manual class checkins for those studios that prefer this method.

1. You will first need to enable this in Settings by selecting 'No'. (see below)

2.  Once the feature is enabled, the 'Attended' column will appear on the Roll Call page. Then, to check in a member into a class, select the 'Attended' box as shown below 

3. Next, select the 'Yes' in the message confirmation pop-up to confirm the member is in the class or has attended the class. 

4. Once you confirm that a member has attended the class by checking them in, they will be show as attended.

What If I checked someone in mistakenly and wish to remove them as attended?

If you accidentally check in a member and you wish to remove them, simply click the 'Yes' under the 'Attended' column and in the pop-up confirmation select 'No' and the system will remove them as attended.  You can repeat this process if you wish to check them in later. 

** Tip 😀  - If you would like to see the time the person was checked in, and by whom, this information is on the Printed Roll Call page. You only need to select the 'Excel' icon to view the details. 

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