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Online (Zoom) classes made easy
Online (Zoom) classes made easy

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It's really easy to add Zoom details to your classes. ย 

  • No special code is needed

  • No special integration is needed

  • No jumping through hoops is needed

  • Each class can have their own Zoom code (Great if your use a different Zoom code for each class)

  • No template edit is needed

Here are the easy steps to add your Zoom URL to class if there is a different Zoom URL for each class AND if one Zoom URL is used for all classes ๐Ÿ˜€

1. Add your Zoom URL to your new class or Modify an existing class and add the Zoom link for the class. (see example below)

2. Now, since a Zoom link is added for that class, whenever the class is book by a member, or a member is added to the class by the studio admin or staff, the class registration class booking email confirmation email will automatically include the Zoom link for that class. Easy for your members to have the URL. See below

Also, the system will automatically send a reminder 15 minutes before the class starts with the class details which will include the Zoom link. See below.

3. Even better for the studio, the Zoom link for the class will automatically appear on the Roll Call page of the class. Easy for you to see and send to members in the class from the Roll Call page if needed.

That's it ๐Ÿ‘

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