Workshops not on the calendar

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Workshops are displayed and booked separately from classes and unlike classes, Workshops do not use class credits. A member will only need to select 'Book' on the Workshop and enter their payment details to pay for the event and they are booked. Also, The reason why Workshops are separate is that we had a lot of studios say that their members were not able to find Workshops on the calendar when they are mixed in with the classes. We do see that some studios will add Workshops to their calendar the same way they add classes. They create a Category called Workshop (select a color for this category), then they create the pass that can be purchased to book the Workshop. Then they add the Workshop to the calendar as they do classes. When Workshops are added this way, members will need to buy the pass to book the Workshop similar to how they book classes. Also, we see these studios will name the Workshops something similar to 'Workshop: Yoga Training Retreat' as this will allow for them to be easily identifiable as Workshops to members.

Workshops in the APP.

In the APP Workshops are displayed by clicking the icon shown below. This is located at the bottom of the APP screen

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