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Connecting and accepting payments with PayPal
Connecting and accepting payments with PayPal

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StudioBookings is fully integrated with PayPal to allow for studios in countries that do not yet have Stripe Processing, to accept credit cards. Connecting a PayPal account will allow your members to make purchases from your store for class passes, workshops, etc.

Note that PayPal does not currently allow for the adding of passes that are Contracts or auto-billed, reoccurring billing type passes.

To connect your PayPal account to start accepting payments via PayPal you only need to -

  1. Get a PayPal account if you do not already have one. -

  2. Log into your StudioBookings account

  3. Go to Dashboard -> Studio and Staff Management

  4. Select Integrations

  5. Select the blue 'Connect' button for PayPal and log into your PayPal account as shown in the image below

6. Once your PayPal is connected you will see the connection status. See below

What are PayPal fees?

PayPal fees are different in most countries. Please see the PayPal fees page showing all their fees for each country here below.

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