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Course, Class Terms or Series of classes

Course or series of classes. Term classes, Class terms

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** Courses are sometimes referred to as Class Terms, Series of classes, a group of classes in a series, etc ***

If you offer class terms or series of classes that require booking at the time of purchase, we have a feature called Courses. The Courses feature allows you to offer a group of classes that combine enrollments into one easy booking.

When a course pass is purchased by a member, or if the pass is added to the member's account by the studio, the member is added to all the classes in the course or term at once. For example, if you add a course called Spring 2021 course, and there are 8 classes in the course/term series, then when a course is purchased or added to a member's account, the member is instantly added to the 8 classes in the course/term. This means that the member does not need to book each individual class in the course separately.

Enabling the course feature.

The course feature is available on all trial and paid plans. To enable the course feature, go to Settings and enable the feature as shown below

Adding a Course (Series of classes) pass

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Manage Packages Categories Then add a Course category call 'Course' ..... (Do not add more than one Category called 'Course')

  2. Next, under Dashboard -> Manage Class Packages and add the pass that can be used to book the course. Remember to select 'Course' as the category that you added in step 1 as the category for the course you are adding. For example, if the course or term is for Summer 2021, you can call the pass name something you can remember as 'Summer 2021 Term' or 'Summer 2021 Course'.

  3. Next, go to the Class Schedule page and select the 'Add a course' button to add the course or term classes to the calendar. Remember that when adding a course to the calendar to select the appropriate pass (for example, the Summer 2021 Term) so it can be linked to the Course/Term to automatically book the class Term or Series of the class.

Course or Term FAQ

Question:: Can a member cancel a class in the course or term when booked?

Answer:: Yes, a member or the studio can cancel the booking of one or more of the classes in the term or the series of the classes.

Question:: If a member cancels a class in the course or term, can they book into another term or course?

Answer:: If the studio allows this, then yes. However, the studio can restrict this by making each pass for a course only for booking that course.

Question:: Does Waitlist work for courses?

Answer:: Yes, the same Waitlist that works for regular classes works for courses as well.

Question:: If I cancel a course, will the credits used to book the course get refunded?

Answer:: Yes, the credits are refunded. You can also then issue a monetary refund to the members in the course.

Question:: Can I have more than one Course category?
Answer:: No, only one Course category is needed. All course or term passes that you add will use that Course category.

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