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Understanding class pass options 🔥
Understanding class pass options 🔥

Adding class pass, pass activation, activate on the date of a sale, on the client's first visit, or on a specific date chosen

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When adding class passes, you have several option as to when and how the class pass will activate. The three available options are

1. Immediately upon purchase (most common)

2. On the date of the first booked class

3. This Date

Let me explain all these options below so you can choose the best option for your studio.

Immediately upon purchase (most common)

This option is not only the most common choice, but is the default as well. With this option, when a pass is purchased by a member (or is added to the member's account by a studio's admin or staff) the pass is activated immediately and the expiration clock start ticking. This means if for example you have a pass called '10 Class pass' and this pass is good for 10 credits and a 30 days expiration. Then if this pass is purchased on March 1st 2020 by a member, then the system will immediately set the pass expiration date on this member's profile as March 31st 2020. If member #2 buy the same pass on May 15th, 2020, then that member will see the pass on their profile expiring on June 15th 2020.

Note that if the 10 credits are used up before the expiration date, then the pass is considered fully used and cannot be used to book more classes regardless of the expiration date. A member will need to buy another pass.

Why choose this option? This option is considered very favorable since it allows for a faster use of a pass and will cause faster repurchase of new passes. It is faster use, since the pass activates immediately, so it will need to be used before it expires since the clock start ticking immediately.

On the date of the first booked class

With this option, the system will set the expiration date as the date of the 'FIRST' booked class by the member. When this option is selected for a pass, this means if you have a pass called '20 Class pass' and this pass is good for 20 credits and a 30 days expiration. Then if this pass is purchased on March 1st 2020 by a member the pass is NOT activated until the first class is booked. If the member then goes and books a class that is occurring on March 30th, then the system will set the pass activation date on the member's profile as March 30th and expiration date as April 30th.

As you can see here, member can buy and hold a pass for sometime before booking a class. This means that there would be less 'turnovers' in passes getting purchased since the passes are not activated immediately.

Why choose this option? If you have members that prefer to buy and hold a pass and not use the pass until they are ready to book a class, then this option is favorable.

This Date

This option allows studios to add a pass and set a fixed activation date for a pass. This means that a pass that has this option, a fixed date of activation, will activate on the date that is set by the studio regardless of the date of the first booked class or purchase date of the pass. This means that if you add a pass with an activation date of July 1st, then regardless of the date this pass was purchased by a member, or added to the member's account, this pass will activate (available for use) on July 1st.

Why choose this option? This option can be valuable if you have a class that is starting in the future, but you do not want members to book into the class until after a certain date. Example, you have a class starting on September 20th, 2020 but you do not wish to have early bookings for that class until August 1st 2020, you could add the pass for the class and set the activation date to August 1st, so even though a member can buy the pass in January 2020, it cannot be used until August 1st to book that class.

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