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Switching to StudioBookings from another system like Mindbody
Switching to StudioBookings from another system like Mindbody
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Switching software systems can sound like a daunting and terrifying experience. This is the main reason why most studios stick with a terrible software fit. We here at StudioBookings understand this and we have worked diligently to make the process easy for you.

Switch in 10 Minutes or less 

Here are the steps to take to move from another system like Mindbody to StudioBookings

Once you get your StudioBookings account, simply follow these steps below -

1. Set up StudioBookings by adding all your classes to your StudioBookings calendar, also add all the packages you offer. (Follow the steps in the Welcome email)

2. Get a Stripe account and activate it in StudioBookings. This will allow you to accept credit cards in StudioBookings. See this link here ->

3. Once these are done, import all your members into StudioBookings. If their email addresses are correct they will get an email with a login and password. See the instructions here ->

4. Add their existing class balances to their profiles -> See the instructions here ->

Now your members are free to book your classes on StudioBookings and make class card purchases as they see fit.

See how easy it is.

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