* First, make sure that the category of the pass the member is using matches up with the category of the class they are trying to book. *

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The most common reasons why you or our members and clients will see this red message are - 

1. The member not having the correct package type...meaning.... (they have purchased a class pass correctly, BUT the category of the pass does not match the Category of the class they are trying to book.

Example, during setup, you add the Class Categories as   Yoga Class, Privates Class and Semis (Dashboard -> Packages and Classes -> Manage Package Categories)

You then continue your setup (Dashboard -> Package and Classes -> Manage Class Packages) and add class passes called '10 Class pass' and you select the category as 'Yoga Classes'. Meaning this pass is good for taking all 'Yoga Classes'. 

Now, you continue and add classes to your calendar.  When you add classes, the system will ask you to select the class 'Category'.  Meaning what pass category can be used for this class.  If you select 'Private Class' when adding a class, then the 10 class pass cannot be used for this class.  If you select the category as 'Yoga Class' then the class can be booked with no issues. 

Basically, this means that when a person buys this 10 Yoga Class pass they cannot book Private Classes with this pass since it good for Yoga Classes. If they try they will get the RED message shown above.

2.  The credits or class pass have expired.  

3. The class package the member is using to book the class may have been made inactive.  

If it's #1 or #2, then the member need to purchase the correct credit category or you can manually add it to their profile they have already paid and should have the required class pass credit.  See this article there that shows how to add credits to a member - http://bit.ly/2q25uQm 

If the issue is from #3 then re-activate the class package but make it 'Not visible in the store'. This way the package can still be used to book the class but it is not visible in the store to be purchased by anyone.  

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