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Waiver of Liability or Liability release (waiver)
Waiver of Liability or Liability release (waiver)

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Our liability release form, or waiver, is an online paperless feature, offering your clients a way to provide an electronic signature showing that they have read and agreed to and acknowledge policies written by your business.

What your waiver document should look like. (Acceptable format types)

Waiver documents can come in many types, many formats and layouts. None of these formats are better than the rest. Only one kind is supported by StudioBookings.

  1. Your waiver document should not contain and lines.

  2. The document should not need to have lines for names or signatures.

  3. The document should not need to have any check boxes.

5 Important things about how the waiver feature work

  1. The system automatically time-stamps the waiver with the current date and time when signed.

  2. Deleting a waiver deletes it from the member's view as well. Be sure to have copies of signed waivers before deleting a waiver document.

  3. Every time you add a new waiver it will need to be signed.

  4. A studio owner can add a client to a class that has not signed a waiver.

  5. Waivers can be signed on a PC/Apple or on a mobile device.

How does the Waiver of Liability feature work

Once you enable or turn on the Waiver feature in Settings the system will require that clients sign your waiver before booking their next class. A waiver will only need to be signed once, then classes can be booked. If you make changes to the waiver that waiver will need to be signed again. Classes that are already booked will not ask for the waiver to be signed.

Add your waiver document as outlined below.

Setting up your Waiver of Liability document

First, you have to enable the waiver option is Settings 

  1. Go to the Settings tab and turn on the Waiver option (see below). 

2. Next, go to the Dashboard and select the Waiver of Liability option.

3. Select the Add Waiver Form button to add a waiver form.

4. Enter in your Waiver of Liability release text in the box below.  You can Copy and Paste from an existing document. 

5. Click the Add Waiver form button.  This will save the waiver and make it available for your clients to sign. 

What your clients see when you enable the Waiver of Liability

Once you have enabled Waiver and entered a waiver to be signed your clients will then need to sign the waiver ONCE to book your classes.

  1. Clients will need to go to their 'My Info' tab where they can view and sign your waiver document. (See below an example)

2. The following box will appear where your client can enter their signature.  The same action can be done on the APP. 

3. You and your clients will be able to Download or PRINT a signed waiver.

What a signed Waiver of Liability form look like after it's signed by your clients.

Once a waiver form is signed, you can go to a clients profile and view, print of download the signed form. (see below). Your clients can do the same as well.

A signed form example below -

Please remember that the system will add the date and time the document was signed automatically. This will reduce any disputes about when a document was signed.

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