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Embedding the calendar on your website
Embedding the calendar on your website
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To embed or add your StudioBookings calendar to your website, you will need the embed code for your calendar page.

You can find your code by

1. Going to Settings tab

2. Look for the section that says EmbeddedCode

Here you will see the code to use on your website so the StudioBookings calendar is displayed there. (see example below)

All websites are built using different technologies so adding the code successfully will require knowledge of the technologies being used. 

Example -

If you use SquareSpace to build your website, then to add the code, use the Code widget and not the Embed widget.

If you use Wix or Weebly, you can use the Script or Code widget.

If you use Wordpress you can use a plugin that allows embedded codes to be displayed in a frame.

If your site is built with straight html, then adding the code will require a dedicated frame with the code inserted. This will require the help of your web designer.

We hope this helps.

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