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Sign in or add a member, student or guest to a class
Sign in or add a member, student or guest to a class
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While we encourage all studios to encourage their members to sign up for classes before showing up, we understand that even your best members sometimes forget and just show up for classes unannounced.

StudioBookings has a simple way for studios to quickly and easily sign in or add a member or student into a class that did not sign up online before showing up. This is also where you would go to sign in a guest to a class.

To add a Member, student to a class do the following -

1. Click on the desired class on the calendar and select Roll Call (see below)

2. On the Roll Call screen, select Add Member. You can then search for a name and add the person to the class. (See below)

To add a Guest to a class do the following -

1. On the Roll Call Page, select Add Guest (See below)

Remember when adding Guests, that there are two options

a. If an existing client or member is paying for the Guest, then enter the client or member name in the Guest Of box. The system will use the client or member's credit to pay for the guest

b. If the guest is paying for themselves or is not paying at all, enter the Amount collected in the Amount Collected from Guest for class field OR leave it empty if nothing is being collected from the Guest.

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