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Accepting credit cards - Stripe (allows for recurring billing, contracts)
Accepting credit cards - Stripe (allows for recurring billing, contracts)

Connecting to Stripe; Accepting credit cards; contracts; Accept Payments; Stripe; Contracts, Auto-bill, auto-pay

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Getting and connecting your Stripe account to your StudioBookings to accept payments using credit cards and offer auto billing packages (Contracts)

StudioBookings allows for studios to accept credit cards so clients can make purchases from your store for class passes, Workshops, etc.  We offer this ability via our credit card processor partner Stripe Payments.

To start, first get a Stripe Merchant account, please go here

Here is how to set up your StudioBookings system for accepting credit cards .....

  1. In StudioBookings, go to Dashboard -> Studio and Staff Management -> Integrations and click the Connect with Stripe button. 

2. Once the 'Connect with Stripe' button is selected, on the next screen will be able to setup a new Stripe account.  

** If you already have a Stripe account, click the Sign-in link as shown in the image below.

3. Once you complete the Stripe account setup and the Stripe account is approved, or if your sign-in to Stripe with your Stripe account information, you will be redirected back to your StudioBookings page. 

Once you have been redirected to your StudioBookings page, you are ready to accept payments.  All payment purchases done in your StudioBookings store will go directly to the bank account you setup with Stripe.  

StudioBookings does not get involved with payments and any transfer of funds. 

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