We have added the feature where you and your staff can add your members to multiple classes at once. The cool thing is, like everything StudioBookings, we have made the process so very simple.

Please see the details below to do this -

1. First, go to the member's profile that you wish to add to multiple classes

2. Next, select the 'Book Multiple Classes' tab

3. Next, select the Category Type and the Class that you wish to add/book the member into

4. Once you select the classes and select 'Book Class' you will get a confirmation pop-up confirming the number of classes the member/student was added to.

5. The system will deduct the credits from the member and the member will get an immediate confirmation email of the booking of the classes.

Some things to note:

- The system will not add the member to more classes than they have credits. Example, if the member only has 5 class credits remaining and you try to add them to 10 classes, you will get a confirmation that the member was only added to 5 classes.

- If the member is on a monthly contract and you try to add them to classes past their renewal date, the system will only add them to classes up to the package renewal date.

Questions? We are always here to help.  Just click the blue chat bubble at the button right of the page to chat with us.  

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