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Facebook iFrame Tab Integration for StudioBookings Calendar
Facebook iFrame Tab Integration for StudioBookings Calendar
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*Note - your StudioBookings calendar preference must be set to 'list view' for seamless Facebook page integration.


1. Find your iFrame StudioBookings calendar code (under settings) and have it copied and ready to use.

2. Log into your Facebook account.

3. Visit the Facebook Static Html Plus FB App page and follow instructions.

3. Choose the page you would like to host the StudioBookings calendar and copy/paste the iFrame embed code (as described in step 1). Save and publish changes.

4. Change the name of your new StudioBookings calendar tab. Click on the drop down 'Actions' and choose 'Edit name and image'.

5. Choose a tab name (ie. Calendar)

6. Visit your page and 'test' out the StudioBookings calendar tab.

7. Let your staff and members know that they can now register for classes via your Facebook page.

If you have questions please feel free to EMAIL us.

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