New member how to book your first class instructions

Using the web browser on a computer

After you have registered as a member at a studio, you will then need to log in for the first time to buy a class pass to book your first class.

:: Logging in ::

If using a web browser on a computer to access your studio's secure StudioBookings calendar page, you will see a Log in button at the top of the right side of the page.

You will need to select this button to login using the credentials that you registered with.

Once you have logged in you will be taken to the studio's calendar page. Note that the login in button will now show your name verifying that you are logged in.

:: Buying your first pass and booking your first class ::

To book your first class, go to the Store page to select and buy the appropriate pass you need to start booking classes. You do this by clicking on the Store page and selecting the 'Buy' button to purchase a class pass from the list of passes in the store.

When the 'Buy' button is selected, you will be taken to the Payment page to complete the purchase.

After you enter your payment details (credit card) your will be billed and the pass will appear (be added) in your account.

:: Booking your first class ::

After the purchase you will be redirected to the calendar page when you can now select the class or classes you wish to book and attend.

After the class is booked, the 'Book Class' button will then show 'Booked', confirming that the class is booked and you are registered in the class. You will also get an email confirmation and class reminder emails.

Congratulations on booking your first class 🙂

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