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❤️ Member Covid-19 Vaccine Card on file
❤️ Member Covid-19 Vaccine Card on file

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If you are located in a country or region that requires that you have or collect proof of vaccine from your members that are taking/attending classes on-site, you can now note on a member's account that you have seen proof of vaccination or have on file a member's proof of vaccination.

Note:: If you are required to store a copy of a person's vaccine card, currently, you will need to store the card on your local system, your phone, or have a printed copy at the studio. This phase of the implementation does not yet allow for the storage of the vaccination card within your StudioBookings portal.

How to enable and use this feature

First, you need to enable the COVID-19 vaccine card proof in Settings. In the Settings below, select YES to enable this feature.

Once the Covid-19 setting is enabled, then under each member's account profile, there will be the option to select that you have seen or been provided proof of that member's vaccination status.

If you select 'YES' on the member's profile that you have seen proof of the member's vaccine status, then there will be a vaccination badge displayed on their profile as shown below.

Also, now, when that member books a class or is added to a class, the Roll Call page will show the vaccination status of that member and the vaccination status of all the members booked in the class.

This means that at a glance you can easily see which members in the class are not vaccinated and reach out to them directly by sending them an email from the Roll Call page or another method 👏

Coming in the next phase November 2021

  • Ability to add the vaccination status on a member's profile in the APP

  • Viewing of the vaccination status in the member profile on the APP

  • Addition of the vaccination status on the Roll Call page in the APP

  • Ability to store the vaccination card or members in your StudioBookings

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