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Pausing a contract membership πŸš€
Pausing a contract membership πŸš€

Pausing a contract or membership, pausing, freezing, pause billing

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With StudioBookings, you have the option to pause a member's contract (membership reoccurring billing). For example, if you have a member that is being billed automatically monthly for a membership, and they wish to pause the billing for a period of time and resume later. Please see below how to do this.

1. Under a member's profile that has a recurring billing pass (contract membership), the pass will say 'Active' if it is being actively billed as shown below

2. To pause the billing, select the 'Active' button and enter the resume date as shown below

3. In this example, we selected July 4th as the resume date to restart the billing. See below

4. The contract pass will now show 'Paused' status on the member's account with the date when the pass will resume billing automatically as shown in the example below

Note that the contact will be active until the billing period ends. Meaning, if the member is billed every 30 days, May 20th to June 20th, when the contract billing is paused, the pass is still good for use to book classes up to the current contract renewal date of June 20th. On June 21st, classes cannot be booked by the member until the pass is automatically reactivated and billing restarts on July 4th, then they can resume booking classes.

---- Question and Answers -------

What if the member decides to unpause (resume) the contract before the original paused until date?

In this case, select the 'Paused' button under the member's profile on the pass, and then select the new resume date in the pop-up box.

What if the member booked classes into September and paused his contract in August, will those classes be cancelled?

If you allow the system to allow members to book past the contract renewal date, the system will use the current active pass to book those classes. This mean the system will count those classes as already paid for and not cancel those class bookings. If you wish to, you can cancel those classes from the member's profile. However, if the pause is in effect, using the example above, the member cannot book any new classes past July 4th πŸ’ͺ

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