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StudioBookings has an easy way of letting studios have a virtual waiting list for all classes.

This work well for those classes that fill up often and quickly. The system will let members go on a waiting list and if a spot opens up, due to cancellation, etc the first person in line gets added to the class automatically. If a second person cancels, the next person in line on the waiting list gets added.

The system will send the member an email and a text letting them know they are off the waiting list for the class.  If they are not added to the class, those still on the waiting list when the class starts will have their credit that was used to go on the waiting list automatically refunded.

To set your waiting list number, go to 'Settings' and 'Business Settings'

The number you put in the field above will be the number of people you will allow to be on the waiting list for a full class.

More logic applied

Also, depending on your 'Class Bookings Cutoff' setting, a person may not get added to the class off the waiting list. For example, if your 'Class Bookings Cutoff' setting is set a 2hr, meaning that if a class starts at 4 pm a member needs to book the class by 2 pm, then this will also apply to the Waiting list feature. So if someone cancels their bookings at 3 pm a member on the waiting list will not be added to the class since it's in the restricted period.

See below the 'Class Bookings Cutoff' setting location.

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