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Video on demand for studios is growing in popularity. We at StudioBookings understand this and we offer all studios the ability to add videos allowing their members to view them for free or for a paid fee via a pass. This is a great way to generate new income repeatedly for a recorded class.

When you enable the Video On Demand feature, you can add a video library page where your members can purchase access to watch your videos at any time.

Adding videos to your StudioBookings site

First, you will need to enable this feature in your Settings. See below

Once this feature is enabled, then go to Dashboard -> Packages and Classes -> Video Library and you can now start adding your videos.

See the adding a video page example below

Here you will add the name of your video, the description, the source, and the link to your video. Note that currently, we provide the option to link to your videos that are uploaded to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Wista, etc.

Once your videos are added, your page should look similar to the screen below

πŸ™‹ Some questions answered below

What kind of videos can I add?

You can add your videos from many sources. For example, if you have videos uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc you only will need to add the sharing link to your videos.

Can I add videos directly to StudioBookings?

Currently, we only allow you to use StudioBookings to share videos you have recorded and uploaded to a sharing site like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.

How can I prevent everyone from seeing my videos?

Below we will talk about the two most common places we see studios host their videos and the recommended settings for each.

If you are using YouTube

If you're using YouTube to host your videos, there are some settings you can enable so that only your members with passes can access your videos. If using YouTube, we recommend that you set your videos on Youtube as 'Unlisted'.

Please also note that there are some other YouTube Advanced settings that you should keep - See below

  1. Keep the License and rights ownership field on the default Standard YouTube License.

  2. In the Distribution options setting be sure to leave Allow embedding checked.

See the Youtube best practice for sharing your video link below -

If you are using Vimeo (The below may require a paid Vimeo account)

For Vimeo, when editing your privacy settings for your videos, there are some things we recommend to be set correctly to make sure that your videos can be viewed.

  1. In the 'Who can watch?' field, be sure to select either: Anyone, or People with the private link.

  2. In the 'Where can this be embedded?' field of your Vimeo privacy settings, we recommend allowing embedding Anywhere. To read more on Vimeo privacy settings please see their help page directly.

See the direct Vimeo link on how to best share your video here -

For Wistia, please see their help page for best practices for sharing videos

Note, for each of the above, these companies change their setting occasionally so please check their page directly for their recommended settings. We only allow you to link to your videos on these sites so the privacy settings need to be enabled on your videos there directly where they are hosted.

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