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The To-do list feature allows a studio to add items to a list that studios can assign to instructors as tasks to complete. Access can also be given to Staff or Instructor Plus accounts to provide full access to view and edit the list.

To enable the To-Do list feature, please go to Settings -> Studio Management and enable the feature as shown below

Once the feature is enabled, then go to Dashboard -> Studio and Staff Management, and here you will see the To-Do list feature enabled and ready for use. See below

Selecting the To-Do option will take you to the To-Do page where you can start adding your list of to-dos. See an example below

🖐️ Questions and answers about the To-Do list feature

Question:: Can I assign a task that I add to someone else?
Answer:: Yes, you can assign a list to a Staff or Instructor Plus.

Question:: When I assign a task to someone else, do they get notified?

Answer:: Yes, an email notification, will be sent to the person to whom you assign a task.

Question:: Can I edit a task after it is added to make changes as needed?
Answer:: Yes. All tasks are editable.

Question:: If I delete a task, can I recover it?

Answer:: Once a task is deleted it is gone and cannot be recovered.

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