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How to:: Booking your first class (member/student)
How to:: Booking your first class (member/student)

Booking a class as a member or student of a studio, booking class, book classes, new member, new student booking, member booking classes

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How to book your first class as a member or student of a studio

Booking a class using StudioBookings is easy. See below the instructions......

Using a web browser on a computer or iPad

1. Open the web browser and go to your studio StudioBookings URL. Your studio URL should have been provided to you in your welcome email when you signed up as a member.

2. Click the 'Log In' button to log in. When you first log in, you will be on the Calendar/Class schedule page.

3. Depending on the calendar type the studio is using, you will either need to select the class you wish to book on the calendar and then select the 'Book class' button, or you will see the ‘Book’ button to book a class.

4. If you have the available class credits to book a class, you will receive a confirmation message that a class is booked.

5. If you do not have available class credits to book the desired class, or the correct category of the required class credits to book a class, then you will get the message to go to the store tab to buy the desired pass to book the class.

6. Once you have completed the purchase of the pass for booking a class, you will either be added to the class automatically or will need to go back to the calendar, select the desired class and book the class.

Using the StudioBookings APP to book your class

1. First, install the StudioBookings APP from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, search for your studio by name and log in. (If you do not have login credentials or an account as yet at the studio), then you can create an account from the ‘Register here’ link on the login page.

2. Login using your email address and password you registered with

3. You will be taken to the class calendar page upon login

4. Select the ‘Book Now’ button to book your class.

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