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Posting your calendar page to Facebook
Posting your calendar page to Facebook

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StudioBookings allows you to share your schedule as a status update and also pin it to the top of your Facebook page feed 😀

If you do not have a website or just want to have your calendar on your Facebook post, then this is the way to do this.

At the bottom of your StudioBookings calendar page, click the 'Share on Facebook' button.

You will be redirected to your Facebook page. Select the Feed and the Your Story option as shown below. Then click the 'Post to Facebook' button.

Once you click on the 'Post to Facebook' button, you will be redirected back to your StudioBookings calendar page.

Go to your Facebook page, and you will see your calendar listed as a Facebook post. Click the option to pin the post to the top of your feed, and remember to add a good comment about the post.

Pinning the post will allow the calendar post to always be the top of the list of all your posts.

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