Settings to optimize your StudioBookings

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How did you hear about us?
Finding your studio's StudioBookings site URL
Understanding class pass options 🔥
Stripe vs PayPal
Connecting and accepting payments with PayPal
Understanding the Members page columns
Automated Birthday emails to members
Instructors types and access levels explained
Checking in a member to a class. Class check-ins
Setting your business time format
Connecting MailChimp to StudioBookings
Limiting how far in advance a class can be booked
Hide canceled classes from showing on your calendar
Late Cancel feature
Allow members to view spots in a class
Member sign up form - Managing the required fields
Managing emails - Disabling emails for your studio
Selecting your business timezone
Resetting or changing my password
New members not getting free class credits when they join.
Rearranging packages in the store
Setting your instructors pay
Setting balance alerts notifications (member low class card balance alerts)
Setting your currency - Currency setting
Adding or creating a package category
Sales Tax Purchase
Adding a free class to the calendar
New Studio Setup instructions
First class free or complimentary class
Managing your email notifications
How do I add my Sales Tax rate
Embedding the calendar on your website
Adding your logo to your page
Import your client's information into StudioBookings
Changing your Staff password
Enabling and using Promo Codes
Accepting credit cards - Stripe (allows for recurring billing, contracts)
Adding staff access or permission to an instructor