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Instructors types and access levels explained
Instructors types and access levels explained

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There are three levels of access you can give to someone that works or teaches at your business.

The three access levels are -

  • Instructor

  • Instructor Plus

  • Staff

Instructor: (No login access, can only be added to classes as the teacher)

When you add a person as an instructor to StudioBookings, that person does not have login access to the system.  Instructor profiles are simply added to the system so the system is aware of that person, that person has a profile and you can add a bio that will show on the calendar page and you can also add their name to classes and setup pay details for that person.  These are basically profiles with no access.

To add an instructor account, please see this link here

Instructor Plus: ( Can log in, sees only their class details)

Instructor Plus accounts are one level up from an instructor profile. Instructor Plus accounts are added similar to adding an instructor but someone that is added as an Instructor Plus will have login access to your studio in StudioBookings.  A person that has an Instructor Plus account can only see and manage their classes. 

When you add the Instructor Plus access to an instructor, that instructor will receive an email from the system with their login details.  This means that the email address needs to be correct and not already in use by a member’s account.

An Instructor Plus person will be able to log into the system web version or APP and see and see manage only their classes. If a member has their phone number on their profile this will appear on the Roll Call page of the class. This is the only contact detail that an Instructor Plus person will see. An Instructor Plus will not see a member's email address or home address and cannot export any data.

To see a comparison list of what an Instructor Plus person can do please see this list here below.

Staff access: (Desk Staff person, can cover for studio owner)

This is the highest level of access you can give a person that is not the owner.  While staff cannot see revenue details or run revenue related reports, staff can do a lot of the tasks that the studio owner can.  

When you add a staff, the system sends that person an email containing their login details. They can use this to log in and manage members, classes, accept payments in the system from members, etc.

Please see below the list of features that a Staff can perform

Staff access list

Staff can login. When you make a person a staff they will receive a login and password from the system
Staff can add credits to member's accounts.
Staff can accept payment from a member
Staff can manually update clients balances
Staff can add, update and cancel classes and Workshops
Staff can email members

Staff does not have access to see your revenue data
Staff cannot run revenue reports
Staff does not have access to seeing revenue graphs
Staff cannot see instructor's pay if you select them not to
Staff cannot see or run purchase history reports
Staff does not have access to export or print your member list

Looking to give an instructor staff access? Please see this article

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