StudioBookings understands that most studios that join us are coming from another system and as such may have an existing member list.

We understand that manually entering these lists into a new system takes time.

Using our Upload Tool you can quickly add all your clients into StudioBookings.

NOTE: This requires that your member list is in Excel (.xls or .xlsx format) and is in this order:

1. Please make sure the file you are uploading is in Excel format or has the extension .xls

2. Columns should be in the order of First Name, Last Name(Surname), Email address, Address, City, State, Postal Code(Zip), Phone Number

(see below example of what your client list file can look like before importing)

Ok, let's start .....

1. Log in as the Studio Owner/Business owner to StudioBookings

2. Go to Dashboard -> Studio and Staff Management and select Upload Tool 

(see below)

3. Select Browse and find the Excel file with your members.

4. Next select Upload Now

5. You will get a confirmation pop-up once this is done importing your members. If you get a red pop then this means that one or more members that did not get imported.

6. The system will send the imported members an email with their passwords so they can immediately log in and start booking classes and making purchases.

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